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Summer- 2000

Welcome to the GRINDINGSTONE. What is it? Well, consider it a place of great resource for aspiring and professional comic book creators alike.

Our goal is to provide and share important information and techniques to aid, inspire and rejuvenate the creative mind. If there is a specific topic of interest you would like to learn more about please e-mail us and we will be sure to keep your requests in mind...

We are currently accepting submissions for writers and tutorial type columnists that can detail any topic from creation of comics to how to market yourself as an artist or creator. We are also open to your feedback. Let us know if there is a certain topic or technique you would like to see covered here, and if you feel you have any tricks or helpful advice you would like to add to the site, don't hesitate to share your insight with us.

Submit to: help@grindingstone.8m.com



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